Monday Oct. 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Math- Test p.1-32 Friday Nov. 4 -Today is an assembly

Science- Science experiment Examining birds beaks Ch. 4.2

L.A.- Finish up science experiment/ finish Novel study quest./definitions/ catch up

SS.- Full catch up block to finish work, Test Ch. 2 Wednesday Nov. 2

French- Bingo


Friday Oct. 28, 2016

Math- P.28-30

Science- CYU p. 78 in text

Language Arts- Quiz #4 Ch. 20-25, Finish the epilogue and definitions/ questions

Social Studies- Investigate p.30 in text

Art- Silhouette assignment

Library- Return and pick up new books

Thursday Oct. 20, 2016

It is important that if your son or daughter has missing assignments that they hand them in as soon as possible. They are aware of their missing assignments.

Math- Mark p.14, 15. Do pages 19, 20 At the end of class they will be handing in their workbooks.

Planning-The importance of goals and what they are.

Drama- Act out short story

L.A. Chapter 16-20 quiz

Buddy reading- Read with a buddy grade 1

Music- Band

Tuesday Oct. 18, 2016

Math- p. 16 Lowest Common Multiple

Language Arts- Week 3 Day 3 Ideas: developing a strong plot by planning the events

Language Arts/P.E.- During these 2 blocks there is a presentation in the gym.

Tech.- Effective and ineffective searches of the internet.

Music- Band

Monday Oct. 17, 2016

Math- Quiz/ Finish off 6.10

Science- 2.7 cut and paste activity, CYU p. 45

L.A.- Read ch. 18-19 Answer questions/definitions

S.S.- Read p.18-19. Do think for yourself p.18 and try this p. 19

French- Make your own pizza in french

P.E.- Minor games