Wednesday Nov. 30, 2016

Math- P. 70, 71

Science- Animal project

Christmas door decorating contest

French- Word search groceries

P.E.- Basketball

Tuesday Nov. 29

Math- p. 68, 69

Language Arts- Finish the good copy of compare and contrast Movie vs. book Mrs Frisby and the rats of nimh.

Catch up Block

P.E. -2.3 km run

Science- An extra block to work on your science project

Music- Band


Monday Nov. 28, 2016

Math- P. 65, 66, 67

Science- Hand out and assign animals for science project

Language art- Compare and contrast assignment Paragraphs

Socials- Investigate p. 53  and definitions

French- Organize products into departments at the grocery store

P.E.- Basketball

Thursday Nov.17, 2016

Math- p. 55, 56, 57 Quiz #2 p. 48- 56 on Tuesday

Plan- check planners/ assignment checklist

P.E.- run 2.3 km

Language Arts- Journal, write about your choice as much as possible

Buddy Reading

Music- Band

Report cards out today please sign the envelope and return it to the office. Parent teacher interviews Monday please phone in for an appointment.