Tuesday Jan. 2017

If your son or daughter is struggling in any subjects and needs help I am available at most recess and lunch times. Also I am available after school for 90min on Monday, Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday 30 min. Thursdays for 180min.

Math- p. 153, 154

Catch up- finish social studies assignment from yesterday. Clean out desks and lockers.

Language arts- SRA

P.E.- run

Robotics challenge

Music- Band

Monday Jan. 30, 2017

Math- p. 151, 152

Science- Chapter 10 review # 1-6, 9, 10, 11 Chapter test moved to Friday

Language arts- Read and answer questions ch. 21, 22

Social Studies- Try this p. 94 #1, start on Investigate p. 95

French- Review/ catchup for quiz Wednesday Activities

P.E.- Minor games

Wednesday Jan. 25, 2017

Math- P. 145-147

Science- 10.4 CYU, Worksheet    Chapter 10 test next Wednesday Feb. 1

Language Arts- Read ch. 17, 18

Social Studies- Water cycle, British columbia map with Fraser River

French- Multiple choice activity sheet French quiz Sports activities  Wednesday Feb 1

P.E.- Minor games