Friday Mar. 2017

Math- Do pages 191, 192 Mark

Science- Ch 11 review #1,2,3,4,5, 10, 11, 12

Language Arts- Newspaper

Social Studies- Group work try this p. 124, Think for yourself p. 125

Art- finish one point perspective, move on to another art assignment

Library- exchange books

Thursday Mar. 2, 2017

Science test chapter 11 Monday mar. 6    

Math test p. 175- 192 Tuesday mar. 7

Social Studies chapter 7 test Wednesday mar 8 

Math- p.187, 188, 189

Planning- Locker/ Binder/ Desk check organize for tests next week

Catch up- Final catch up block before the end of this term Students must have all missing assignments and missed tests, done and handed in by Friday at the end of the day.

Language Arts- Stargirl newspaper

Buddy reading

Music- Band