Friday Sept. 29, 2017

Assembly- Student of the month

Science- try this experiment p. 67

Language Arts- Narrowing down an idea and free write

Social Studies- Assimilation and National center for truth and reconciliation

Library- exchange books

P.E.- 2 km run and game depending on weather

Wednesday Sept. 27, 2017

Math- mark p. 22-25. Do p. 29, 30, 31

Science- Identify heterogeneous mixtures p. 66-69 questions/definitions

Language Arts- Ideas Week 1 Day 1, Week 1 Day 2

Social Studies- p. 2-3 Discussion/ Research activity

P.E.- Soccer dribbling, passing, and game

Music- Mr. Ma



Thursday Sept. 21, 2017

Math- Do page 17, 18

Plan- self assessment of modality skills/ locker and desk check

French- Bingo review. Quiz next Tuesday numbers, days, weeks, months.

Language Arts- read ch. 3 + 4 questions and definitions

Buddy Reading- Read with a buddy

Comp.- Safety posting



Monday Sept. 18, 2017

Math- Mark page 11, 12 do pages 14, 15. Reminder fractions quiz on Wednesday Sept. 20

Science- mixtures- copy Matter diagram from page 62. Define pure substance and mixture. Answer the 2 questions on p. 63

Language Arts- Novel study ch. 2 questions and definitions

Social Studies- Practice bus evacuation safety

P.E.- indoor soccer

Music- with Mr. Ma