Friday Oct. 13, 2017

Math- Do page 4-6 workbook #1 due Mon.

Science- Mixtures Quiz #1

Language Arts- Last day to work on good copy of writing assignment due Monday if not finished

Socials- p.12-13 first peoples governance in Canada worksheets

Library- exchange library books and silent read

P.E.- 2km run


Wednesday Oct. 11, 2017

Parent teacher interviews on Wednesday night and Thursday night. Phone the office to book your time. This is more to discuss the progress of your child and where they are at, at this point.

Math- Fractions test. Start workbook #1

Science- Experiment and going over what is expected on the quiz on Friday

Language Arts- Good copy of writing exercises. Due on Monday

Socials- Systems of governance and how Canada isĀ  governed p.8-11 definitions and questions


Music- Mr. Ma


Tuesday Oct. 10, 2017

Math- Mark p. 38, 39, 40 Review for test Wednesday on Fractions

Language Arts- Read Ch. 13, 14 and answer questions and definitions

French- Answer questions/ crossword

Language Arts- Read Ch. 15 answer questions and definitions. Review and check answers Quiz on Thursday Ch. 8-15

Art- Art assignment

Teacher choice- Go over final Mrs. Frisby project so students can start thinking about final project once book is done/ Catch up




Wednesday Oct. 4, 2017

Math- Mark p. 32-34. Do p. 37, 38 Review pop Quiz

Science- Suspensions and Colloids experiments

Language Arts- Finish rough draft assignment and proofread with a partner. Write good copy

Social Studies- Read p. 4-7 answer questions and have a discussion.

P.E.- Soccer

Music- Music song assignment with Mr. Ma

Tuesday Oct. 3, 2017

Those that are going to the soccer tournament need to make sure they stay caught up on work. Also if students are sick for longer than a day please come to pick up work for your child so they do not fall behind.

Math- Pop quiz. Do p. 36

Language Arts- Read ch. 9 and 10. Complete questions and definitions

French- Weather

Language Arts- Mrs. Williams will decide

Art- Finish first Nations Art project

Teachers choice- Mrs. Williams will decide

Monday Oct. 2, 2017

Math- mark p. 29-31, do p. 34, 35

Science- Suspensions and Colloids p. 70-75 questions and definitions

Language Arts- Finish rough draft writing “Ideas”

Social Studies- Finish questions. Start reading p. 4-7 definitions

P.E.- Soccer

Music- Mr. Ma