Monday Apr. 9, 2018

Math- Mark p222-224, Do. p. 225, 226 Ordering fractions and decimals

Science- Gravity p. 36-39 Try this and questions

Language Arts- Word choice week 3 day 3,4

Socials- Children in poverty in Canada

P.E.- Dodgeball

Dance- Mr. Ma

Friday Apr. 6, 2018

Math- Mark p. 219-221 Do p. 225, 226 Ordering fractions and decimals

Science- Newton’s laws of motion in daily life p. 30-33 try this p. 31

Language arts- SRA

Socials- LM 3-13 p. 79 looking at photos what you can see and what you cant.

Library- Take out books and silent read

P.E. – Kickball

Thursday Apr. 5, 2018

Math- p. 222- 224 ordering fractions, decimals

Careers- Write about term 3: how can you improve what are your goals, etc. Write about the term Mentorship.

French- asking questions and responding matching students.

Socials- Fixing the poverty problem LM 3-12

Buddy reading

Entrepreneurship- introduction into workbook and goals

Wednesday Apr. 4, 2018

Organize the classroom

Hand out assignments and put them away in your binder, go through missing work

Language arts- Journal entry about spring break

Math- Mark p. 2.17-218 Do. p.219-221 decimals and fractions

P.E.- dodge ball

Dance- Mr. MA