Thursday September 27, 2018

Assembly- student of the month

Art- First nations art/ finish silhouette

Art- Work on projects

Language Arts- Mrs. Frisby Novel study quiz ch. 1-7

Buddy Reading- Read with a buddy

Music- Mr. Ma



Wednesday September 26, 2018

Math- Pop Quiz do p. 37 when finished

Science- Suspensions p. 70, 71 questions and experiment

Language Arts- Ideas week 1 Day 3,4

Socials- Governance p. 8-11 questions

P.E.- Soccer game

T. Choice- catch up

Tuesday September 18, 2018

Math- Mark p. 15-17 Quiz fractions Part 1

Language Arts- Read ch. 2-3 Mrs. Frisby and the rats of nimh. Do questions and Definitions

French- Working with the calendar and finish crossword/ word search

Language Arts- Read ch. 4 Mrs Frisby and the rats of Nimh. Do questions and definitions

New seating plan and Presentation



Monday September 17, 2018

Math- mark p. 12-14. Do p. 18-20 Adding and subtracting 3 fractions at a time with different denominators. Quiz tomorrow on adding and subtracting fractions

Science- p. 62-65 copy down the chart on page 62 and 4 definitions. Answer the 4 questions.

Language Arts- Ideas Week 1 Day 1,2 writing exercise

Socials- finish all about Canada poster

P.E.- Soccer dribbling, and passing.

Digital literacy- Cyberbullying

Friday September 14, 2018

Math- Mark p. 9, 10, 11 Do p. 15, 16, 17 mixed and improper fractions

Science- Go over mixtures section Whats to come? Separate a mixture

Language Arts- Free write on a topic of choice. Plan your writing and timed write

Socials- Canadian research and what you know about Canada the place we live

Library- Take out books

P.E.- Fitness walk Terry Fox run