Monday January 28, 2019

Math- mark p. 125-126 Do greatest common factor p.129-130

Science- Physics title page

Language Arts- Read ch. 15-16 questions/ definitions Loser

Socials-  1. LM 3-8 Poverty cartoon and questions 2. Bar graph where clothes come from 3. Investigate questions p. 70

P.E.- skating


Friday January 25, 2019

Math- p. 127-128 finding factors

Science- Last day to do your brochure due next Wednesday

Language Arts- Word choice week 1 day 1,2

Socials- Where does your clothes come from tally

Library- exchange Library books and silent read

Fit kids

French- Last block to work on your passport Due Thursday

Monday January 21, 2019

Math- Mark p.111-115 Quiz #2

Science- Brochure of 1 of 4 body systems of your choice

Language Arts- Last day to write your compare and contrast paper

Socials- Hoe does poverty affect quality of life LM 3-5

P.E.- Basketball shooting, and layups

Robotics- programming