Thursday January 31, 2019

Math- Mark p. 131-133 do p. 134-137 prime and composite numbers

Art- double picture art

French- Mixed up words and rhyming words

Language Arts- Loser Quiz ch. 13-18

Buddy reading

Drama- Mr. Ma

Wednesday January 30, 2019

Math- mark p. 129- 130 Quiz #1 p. 122-130

Science- p. 6-9 Questions/definitions Forces

Language Arts- Write about the topic Bullying

Socials- p. 72-73 check your learning yearly costs of a family of 4

P.E.- handball

Catch up

Friday January 25, 2019

Math- p. 127-128 finding factors

Science- Last day to do your brochure due next Wednesday

Language Arts- Word choice week 1 day 1,2

Socials- Where does your clothes come from tally

Library- exchange Library books and silent read

Fit kids

French- Last block to work on your passport Due Thursday

Monday January 21, 2019

Math- Mark p.111-115 Quiz #2

Science- Brochure of 1 of 4 body systems of your choice

Language Arts- Last day to write your compare and contrast paper

Socials- Hoe does poverty affect quality of life LM 3-5

P.E.- Basketball shooting, and layups

Robotics- programming