Friday February 22, 2019

Math- Mark up to p. 165 Quiz #3 fractions

Science- Physics review for Quiz #1

Language Arts-  Novel study project

Language Arts- Novel study project

Coquihalla Idol

Friday February 15, 2019

Math- Do p. 157-161 every second question. Equivalent fractions

Science- Balloon car rockets experiment and write up

Language arts- Read loser Ch. 27, 28 do questions/ vocabulary

Language Arts- extra chance to catch up on your questions/vocabulary

Library- Exchange books and silent reading

Catch up

Friday February 8, 2019

Math- Mixed and improper fractions p. 146- 149 every second question

Science- Newton’s 3rd Law of motion questions/ Definitions p. 22-25 Try this p. 23

Language Arts- Writing about Respect. Must have an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraph

Socials- Perspectives on poverty discussion and group work

Library- Exchange books and renew

Valentines day cards