Friday March 15, 2019

Assembly- student of the month

Science- Physics Quiz #2

Socials- Poverty Quiz #2


Library/ Clean up of desks


Happy Spring break

Thursday March 14, 2019

Math- Decimals test

Art- Start 1 point perspective

French- Last day for winter booklet

Catch up

Aqua Van presentation

Drama- Mr. Ma

Monday March 11, 2019

Math- p. 20-21 money and decimals

Science- P. 44-47 the difference between mass and weight

Language Arts- Simile , metaphor, and personification write

Socials- Final assignment questions pick one from p. 90 and respond and then do response to p. 91

P.E.- Minor games

Science- weightless living and air resistance p. 48-51

Friday March 8, 2019

Math- subtracting decimals p. 18-19

Science- Center of mass p. 40-43 questions/ try this p. 42-43

Language Arts- Word choice week 3 Day 1,2 Figurative Language

Socials- Human rights and poverty

Library- exchange books and silent read

P.E.- Run

Wednesday March 6, 2019

Math- mark p. 10-14 Quiz #1 on decimals

Science- Gravity p. 36-39 questions/definitions try this p. 36

Language Arts/socials- Read a typical day at residential schools. Compare and contrast write/ discussion

P.E.- capture the flag

T. Choice- Good copy of Narrative write


Tuesday March 5, 2019

Math- mark p. 1-10 Do p. 13, 14 Decimals

Language Arts- Word Choice week 2 day 3,4 personal narrative

French- Likes dislikes of winter booklet

Language Arts- Narrative story write

Careers- How did you do in term 2 compared to term 1. What could you have done better write.

Drama- Mr. Ma

Monday March 4, 2019

Math-Do p. 9-12 Decimals and fractions

Science- Newtons laws of motion in daily life p. 30-33 try this p. 31

Language Arts- Final class to work on Loser project due Friday March 15

Socials- Discussion p. 83 LM 3-18

Catch up

Presentation in gym Rock and roll