Wednesday May 15, 2019

Math- Area of a parallelogram and triangle p. 107-109

Science- Benefits of space exploration p. 86-89

Language Arts- Voice week 1 Day 3,4

Socials- Changing Canada’s refugee policy p. 148-149

P.E.- Track and Field: shot-put, and 50m run

T. Choice- get ready for the art show

Tuesday May 14, 2019

Math- Area of a parallelogram and triangle p. 104-106

Language Arts- Final project for novel study

French- Word search. Find the missing word

Language Arts- Final project for novel study

Careers- Organize for the art show/ clean up desks/lockers

Dance- Mr. MA

Monday May 13, 2019

Math- Mark p. 102-103 Quiz #1 perimeter and area

Science- Solar systems Quiz #1

Language Arts- SRA

Socials- Children on the move how and why it effects

P.E.- Highjump

Entrepreneurship- Finished up to p. 24 in your workbook


Friday May 10, 2019

Math- Mark p. 98-101 Do p. 102-103

Science- Review for solar systems Quiz #1

Language Arts- Crossword puzzle/ Word search of definitions from your novel study

Socials- Addressing migrant issues p. 144-145 protecting human rights

Library- Exchange books and silent read

P.E.- capture the flag

Wednesday May 8, 2019

Math- Area and perimeter p. 98-101

Science- How our solar system formed p. 82-85 questions

Language Arts-  Make Crossword or word search with 20 vocabulary words from your novel

Socials- Can global problems be solved in cities p. 142-143. Do questions p. 143

P.E.- Track and Field Run and baseball throw

Mothers day project

Tuesday May 7, 2019

Math- Test Algebra and graphing

Language Arts- Read last part of novel. Should be finished questions and reading book

French- Sports Mobile

Language Arts- Write about your novel. Connections to novel, small synopsis, and describe opinions about the Novel

Mothers day craft

Dance- Mr. Ma

Monday May 6, 2019

Math- mark p. 92-97 Quiz #3 graphing and equations Test graphing tomorrow.

Science- Experiment craters from asteroids p. 80-81. Write up your conclusions

Language Arts- Write up about Friday

Socials- P. 140-141 where does our food come from research assignment

P.E. -Track and Field : Long jump and Frisbee throw

Entrepreneurship- complete up to and including p. 17 thinking of the materials you need and how you are going to build your product.

Friday May 3, 2019

Math- mark p. 86-91 Do p. 96-97 graphing

Science- p. 76-79 Asteroids, comets, and meteoroids questions/definitions

Language Arts- Selective Novels part 12 questions/Vocabulary

Socials- p. 138-139 Discussion about pros and cons of First nations moving to the city. Do questions and in beige box’s on p. 138 and 139

Library- exchange books

P.E.- Outside game