Thursday October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween

Assembly- Student of the month

Art- Remembrance Day art assignment

French- Family crossword and word search

Fun Block

Drama- Mr. Ma

P.E.- Minor Games


Wednesday October 30, 2019

Math- Place value, estimation, and subtracting Test

Science- Why separate mixtures and pros and cons of plant based dyes and synthetic dyes p. 104-107

Language Arts- Finish Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh book.

Socials- Change is it good or bad. Study some pictures of how things have changed from the past.

Buddy Reading- Read with a buddy

Band Presentation

Wednesday October 23, 2019

Math- Mark p. 28-31 Quiz p. 21-31

Socials- Debate should the age to vote be changed to 16. Check your learning p. 18 #2, 3

Language Arts- Read ch. 24, 25 do questions/ Vocabulary

ADST- How to search things on the internet

Science- Separating by centrifuge p. 98, 99

Buddy reading- Board games

Monday October 21, 2019

Math- Mark p. 24, 25 Do. p. 28-31 Adding and Subtracting

Science- Separating by magnetism p. 96-97 questions/ vocab

Language Arts- Finish chapter 22 and read ch. 23 questions and vocabulary

Socials- People and places quiz #1 p. 1-16

Drama- Mr. Ma

P.E.- Dodgeball

Shots form was sent home today make sure you sign it and bring back to the school ASAP

Friday October 18, 2019

Math- mark p. 21-23 do p. 26, 27 comparing and ordering numbers

Science- Separating by centrifuge p. 92-95

Language Arts- Read Mrs. Frisby ch 21 and part of Ch 22 questions and vocabulary

Socials- People and place Quiz #1 Review game

P.E.- indoor games

Careers- Ways to study for quizzes based on your modality research