Tuesday February 25, 2020

Math- Mark p. 20-25 Quiz #2 Test on Thursday

Language Arts- Loser project

French- Au Supermarche

Language Arts- Loser Project



Monday February 24, 2020

Marks have been sent home and it is crunch time to hand in any missing assignments and quizzes before final marks for term 2 are done.

Math- P. 22-25 estimating. Quiz #2 Tuesday, test decimals and estimation on Thursday

Fit Kids

Science- Newtons laws of motion in nature p. 28-29 questions/ try this

Language Arts- Loser quiz chapter 23-30

Socials- Complete LM 3-15, and poverty web from last day. Also complete Check you learning p. 83 and question text box on p. 85

Music- Mr. Ma

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