Monday April 15, 2019

Math- Mark p. 41, 42, 45 odd. Test Multiplying and dividing decimals

Entrepreneurship- Thinking of things to make page 6, 7 in workbook

Language Arts- SRA

Socials- Finish migration to and within BC assignment

P.E.- Volleyball review bump, volley, and serve. Game

Science- Solar system title page



Friday April 12, 2019

Math- Mark p. 37-40 Quiz #2

Science- Make  bottle rockets

Math- p. 41, 42, 45 odd questions

Socials- Migration within BC research assignment

Library- Exchange books and silent read

P.E.- Run at the track

Tuesday April 9, 2019

Math- Mark up to p. 36 multiplying decimals Quiz #1

Language Arts- Read part 2 of selective novel study Questions/vocabulary

French- Nursery rhymes

Language Arts- Read part 3 of of selective novel study Questions/ vocabulary. At this time you should be up to p. 42-45 in your novel.

Careers- handout and organize binders

Dance- Mr. Ma


Tuesday April 2, 2019

Math- Multiplying decimals p. 29, 30, 31

Langauge Arts- Pick your selective novel study book to read for this term

French- Winter bingo review

Language Arts- Title page to your book

Careers- organize desks, lockers, and back folder

Dance- Mr. Ma