Wednesday Apr. 18, 2018

Math- p. 234-236 dividing decimals

Science- Air resistance questions p. 50-51 egg drop build

Language Arts- Short speech problem and solutions

Socials- What can you do to end poverty LM 3-18 and discussion

P.E.- Minor games

Dance- Mr. Ma


Tuesday Apr. 17, 2018

Math- N.S. Part 1 test

Language Arts- Part 2 reading/ definitions/ questions of personal novel study

French- French/ English body diagram

Language Arts- Part 3 reading/ definitions/ questions of personal novel study

Art- Finish your 3D one point perspective

T. Choice- Catch up

Monday Apr. 16, 2018

Math- mark p. 229-233. Review for test part 1 NS

Science- Weight less living questions/Research p. 48-49

Language Arts- Finish word choice Week 4 Day 2, 4 and do Day 5 write / SRA

Socials- Finish LM 3-16, Do LM 3-17

P.E.- 4 corner soccer

Dance- Mr. Ma


Friday Apr. 13, 2018

Math- p. 231-233 Multiplying decimals

Science- P. 44-47 questions/ try this The difference between mass and weight

Language arts- Word choice Week 4, day 2, 4

Socials- Causes of poverty p. 82 LM 3-15, 3-16

Library- Exchange books

P.E.- Run

Thursday Apr. 12, 2018

Math- p. 229, 230 adding and subtracting decimals

Careers- healthy and unhealthy living

French- Body crossword and worksheet

Language arts- Student lead novel study part 1

Buddy reading/ class photo’s

Entrepreneurship- start making a decision on product



Friday Apr. 6, 2018

Math- Mark p. 219-221 Do p. 225, 226 Ordering fractions and decimals

Science- Newton’s laws of motion in daily life p. 30-33 try this p. 31

Language arts- SRA

Socials- LM 3-13 p. 79 looking at photos what you can see and what you cant.

Library- Take out books and silent read

P.E. – Kickball

Thursday Apr. 5, 2018

Math- p. 222- 224 ordering fractions, decimals

Careers- Write about term 3: how can you improve what are your goals, etc. Write about the term Mentorship.

French- asking questions and responding matching students.

Socials- Fixing the poverty problem LM 3-12

Buddy reading

Entrepreneurship- introduction into workbook and goals