Monday June 10, 2019

Math- p. 131, 132 Quiz #2

Science- Review solar system for quiz #2

Language Arts- Reading comprehension test

Handout clean up Finish up work

P.E.- bench dodgeball

SNAP test


Friday May 31, 2019

Math- Mark p. 116-122 Do Comparing unit rates p. 125-127

Science- The universe p. 106-109 questions and definitions

Math- p. 128-130

Socials- Review for quiz Monday

Library- Silent read and exchange books

P.E.- Outside games/run



Monday May 27, 2019

Math- test measurement

Science- Mission to mars p. 98-101 questions

Language Arts- SRA

Socials- Reflect on your learning p. 152, 153

P.E.- minor games

Entrepreneurship- Finish as much of the booklet as possible and start making posters