Wednesday Apr. 4, 2018

Organize the classroom

Hand out assignments and put them away in your binder, go through missing work

Language arts- Journal entry about spring break

Math- Mark p. 2.17-218 Do. p.219-221 decimals and fractions

P.E.- dodge ball

Dance- Mr. MA



Friday Mar. 16, 2018

Assembly student of the month

Art- Draw a bunny from shapes, and shading

Clean up desks and put away everything in lockers


Have a great spring break see you Wednesday April 4th

Friday Mar. 9, 2018

Scarves- Finish scarves stitching pattern onto scarf

Science- Physics quiz #1

Language Arts- Writing with figurative language simile, metaphor, personification

Socials- Review for quiz on Monday

Library- Return books and sign out new ones

P.E.- Outside play

Wednesday Mar. 7, 2017

Math- Mark p. 203- 205. Do p. 206-207 Quiz on p. 199-207 Wednesday

Science- Review for quiz p. 6-27 finish write up of experiment

Language Arts- Use of simile, metaphor, and personification

Language Arts- Novel study project

P.E.- Volleyball

Drama- Mr. Ma