Tuesday October 15, 2019

Math- Patterns test

Language Arts- SRA

French- Bingo Weather- Quiz Thursday

Language Arts- Read chapter 19, 20 Novel questions/ vocabulary

Catch up




Friday October 11, 2019

Math- Mark p. 12-20 Go over quizzes for Test on Tuesday start p. 21-23 place value

Science- Filtration in nature p. 84-85 questions questions and try this

Language Arts- Read ch. 18-19 Mrs. Frisby. Do questions and vocabulary

Socials- Government in Canada vs. government in Saudi Arabia research your own country

French- Questions about weather

Careers- Check planner/ Hand out Which political leader should you vote for? take the quiz

Friday October 4, 2019

Math- mark p. 7-11 Pop quiz today

Socials- Government elections Who are the representatives and decide on your student vote

Language Arts- Read ch. 14, 15 Mrs Frisby do questions and definition Quiz #2 Monday ch. 8-15

Science- Quiz Mixtures #1

P.E.- Run

Careers- Organize and hand back