Monday June 22 – Thursday 25, 2020

Math-  Mon: p. 48- 50, Tues: p. 51-53

Language Arts- Write about your grade 6 year. Answer questions like What was something you liked about grade 6? What did you not like about grade 6? (besides being at home for the 3rd term) Did you improve during the grade 6 year? What are some goals that you would want to make for grade 7? Are you happy with your grade 6 year and why or why not? Things you might want me to change?

ADST- We will build a vehicle or something out of an egg cartoon. You are allowed one egg cartoon to try and cut apart the pieces and build something with it. Be creative I will post some examples on line to look at. use tape glue to put it together. We will show off our final project on Wednesday in our zoom meeting. If you do not have an egg carton you can pick one up from me on Monday morning from the classroom.

Zoom Meeting- Wednesday June 24 at 11:00am. Our final zoom meeting to show off our egg carton project.

Thursday June 25- Final student parade through parking lot to pick up report cards, say goodbye, and get as treat.


Monday June 15 – Friday June 19, 2020

Math-  Mon: p. 148, 149  Tues:  p. 164, 165  Wed: p. 166, 167  Thur: p. 175, 176                Fri: p. 177, 178, 179

Science- Pick a subject area we have talked about during this year and do some more research about a topic of your choice. Body systems, Solar system, Physics- 3 laws of motion, gravity, or Mixtures. Do a write up.

Language Arts- Pick a topic you think you know a lot about and write a how to guide. Ex; How to play a certain game, how to play a certain sport, etc.

Reading- 15-20min a day. Do accelerated reader tests on those books

Save an egg carton for an assignment next week. If you need one I will be at the school on Mondays to pick one up

Monday June 8 – Friday June 12, 2020

Math-  Mon:  p. 139, 140, 141, 142 Mark p. 133 – 138  Tues:  Quiz #3 p. 133 – 138                   Wed:  p. 143, 144, 145 Thur: Test Unit 14   Fri: p. 146, 147

Science- Make a short paragraph about how you think the solar system was formed. You could even make a fake paragraph up. Do some research about how the solar system was formed. What steps/ changes were involved? Why do theories change?

Language Arts- Finish your book report if you have not already.

Pick a topic and write about it. You must include 2 similes, 2 metaphors, and 2 personifications in your writing.

Reading- Read for 20-30min a day. complete the accelerated reader tests for those books

Zoom meeting- Thursday 11:00am

It is important that you complete all the work, tests, and quizzes up to Friday June 12th all due by Monday June 15. There will be a write up on your report card too how well you are doing on the subjects that we have been working on from spring break to June 12th and too whether you have been completing work. If you have completed work at home that is not on class notebook please find a way to get it too the school so I can mark and see how you are doing.

Monday June 1 – Friday June 5, 2020

Math- Mon. p. 129, 130, and 131.   Tues. p. 132, 133, 134     Wed. p. 135 mark p. 127-132 Thur. Quiz p. 127-132    Fri. p. 136, 137, 138

Science-  Define extreme environments. Answer the questions: How might we use what we know about organisms on earth to better understand and recognize life we may discover on other planets. How might we use other technologies like the newtsuit in space? Then write about all the extreme environments on earth that you can think of and why studying them would help us understand earth and space.

Art- Choose either the rabbit or duck to hand draw on a blank piece of paper. I have uploaded some samples under art in content library. If you can take a picture and upload it to art.

Language Arts- 1. Do a project or book report on a book that you have read so far. It is the your choice of how you want to show it. You must tell me what the story is about, the main characters, setting, expressing your opinion of the book and why, etc.

2. Write a review of a restaurant that you like and then write a review of a restaurant that you do not like. You must tell me why and give plenty of examples/ evidence.

3. You should also be reading a little bit each day of a novel

Monday June 25 – Friday June 29

Math- Mon.   p.121, 122  Tues.   p. 123, 124    Wed.  p. 125, 126   Thurs. p. 127, 128 I will also have the answers to your book p. 116-126 up today Fri. Quiz p. 116-126

Language Arts- Name an animal you would want to do research on. Name the animal and take notes on range (where they are located such as country), physical characteristics, habitat, interesting facts, food, anything else you can find about them. Take this information and write up a short essay on your animal.

Reading- You should be reading books and doing accelerated reader questions on those books. You will have to do a book report on one of the books you have read next week.

Science- Define stars, constellations. Name 5 different constellations in the sky. Why do we not see all constellations all year long? then go to

Use the star finder, rotate the star finder so that the current date is lined up with 11:00pm. List 4 constellations that will be visible at that time. What constellation will appear close to the horizon if you are looking south, east, or west? You need to change the date for this next question. Where would you look for the constellation Orion on September 25 at 1:00am (which horizon)?

Zoom meeting- Our usual zoom meeting will happen at 11:00 am Thursday. It is important that you join so I can give you updates.




Tuesday May 19 – Friday May 22

Math-  Tues. Answers to p. 112-115 are on line check your answers then do p. 116, 117, 118 Wed. Quiz p. 112-115 Thurs. p. 119, 120 Fri. Test p. 98-115

Science- Research and write up the answers to these questions. Why explore space? What are many of the benefits that have come out of space exploration? Have you benefited from anything from space exploration? How? What are some of the challenges of space exploration and why is it a challenge?

Writing- Pick a problem in your school, community, or province. Explain what is wrong (problem). Explain how the problem could be solved Solution). Explain why this solution is a good one (Pros). What are some problems that the solution might cause (Cons).

Read and do your Accelerated reading tests

We will try to do a zoom meeting again on Thursday 11:00 we will use my old number it seemed to work better the first time so it will be easier. I will post it again in office 365

Monday May 11 – Thursday May 14

Math- Mon. p. 110, 111  Tues. p. 112, 113 Answers will be provided for p. 104 – 111    Wed. Quiz p.104-111  Thurs. p. 114, 115

Science- You are going to find 4 points about each. Asteroids, comets, meteoroids, meteor, and meteorite’s. So you should have 20 points in total.

Reading-  You should still be reading for 20-30 min. a day and still answering questions on accelerated reader when books are complete.

Writing-  Write a short story about a teenager who discovers that he or she has a secret power. Be sure to include the superpower, how they use it, when do they use it, where do they use it, name of the superhero, etc.

Remember we will try to do a zoom meeting again to see how everyone is doing on Thursday at 11:00am. Friday is a Pro D day and next Monday is Victoria Day

May 4 – 8, 2020

Ok so this week we are going to try and do a zoom meeting between as many students in my class as possible. I will try and do it on Thursday either at 11:00am or 12:30pm. I will let you know more information such as codes, and a join number.

Math- Mon: p.102, 103      Tues: p. 104, 105    Wed: Quiz p. 98-103   Thur: p. 106, 107   Fri: p. 108, 109 Between this week and next you will figure out the perimeter and area of 3 different places, objects, etc One needs to be a big surface. You can use a ruler or you can use a shoe and pace out the length and width for area/perimeter. This assignment you should put under math.

Writing- This week you are going to write about family. The importance of family, who is there for you, mothers, fathers, grandparents, guardians, etc How they help? What is family?.

Reading- 20-30 min. remember when you are done a book or books do an accelerated reader test.

Mothers Day/ Grandmother day/ Parent or Guardian Project- You are going to work on an art assignment/ card for Mothers day. Draw pictures, write a nice saying, make a poem, find something you can make at home on pinterest, make a card, etc.

April 27, 2020 – May 1, 2020

Math- Mon. p. 96-97   Tues. Mark p. 85- 97 Do p. 98, 99  Wed. Quiz #3 (p.86-97)           Thurs.    Do p. 100, 101  Fri.   Test p. 70 – 97 Quizzes will be marked by Thursday so you can see what you need to correct before doing the test.

Language Arts- You are going to write a compare and contrast essay (similarities and differences) between 1 of the terrestrial planets and 1 gas giant that you researched before. Use words like also, but, instead, similarly, while, both, yet, likewise, on the other hand, however, etc. Make sure once you are done that you actually proof read it and fix it up to be your best copy. This should be double spaced and be 4 to 5 paragraphs. (4-8 sentences per paragraph)

Choice research assignment- You are going to pick something that you are interested in and do research about it. It could be something in history, a famous person, something science, the history of a sport, a famous art piece, the gold rush, trade, migration, etc.

Reading- read for 20-30 min. a day. Remember when you are done your books, do an Accelerated reader test.


Tuesday April 21-24

Math- Be sure to check answers after you are done p. 81- 88.

Quiz p.70-78 You can find this under quizzes in your folder. Give it a try. there are 2 ways you can do this 1. double left click under the questions and you will get a text box where you can put in the answers. You will have to do this for every question.  or 2. you can use the draw function on the top and pick pen and put the number into the spaces.

p. 89-90, 91-92, 93-95, Quiz #2 on p. 79-85 on Friday


You are going to pick 2 gas giants ( Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune ) Find information on diameter, distance from the sun, length of year, length of day, temperature range, atmosphere, moons, fun facts, missions. Use

    1.   username: bc48        Password:  NelsonBC123
    3. other internet resources

Language Arts-

  1. Read 20-30 min a day
  2. Writing assignment- If you had no worries about money or time and you were to choose 3 places in the world to travel too where would it be? Why? how would you get there? What would you do? What would you eat? where would you stay? Write an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. This should be at least half to a full page on the computer. There are many other questions you could answer as well.