Thursday June 7, 2018

Camp day or Catch up


Monday June 4, 2018

Math- p. mark p. 294-295 Do. p. 298, 299, 301 Quiz Friday measurement

Science- Benefits of space exploration. 86-89

Catch up/ Novel study work

Socials- consequences of first nations moving to the city p. 138- 139 questions

P.E.- capture the flag

Dance- Mr. Ma

Wednesday May 30, 2018

Math- Mark p. 292-293 Do p. 296-297 Area of objects

Science- How a solar system forms p. 82-85 questions/definitions

Language Arts- Last block to work on your novel study questions/ definitions crossword

Socials- On the move quiz #1

P.E.- Cricket

Dance- Mr. Ma

Tuesday May 29, 2018

Math- p. 294-295 Area of a parallelogram and triangle

Language Arts- Definition crossword for novel study

French- Find the words of spring and translate them, fathers acrostic

Language Arts- Definition crossword for novel study

Art- Dot to dot and color

Catch up

Friday May 25, 2018

Math- Area and perimeter assignment

Science- Asteroids, comets, and meteoroids p. 76-79 questions/definitions

Language Arts- Voice Week 2 Day 1,2

Socials- Think like a geographer p. 137 population density research assignment and questions

Library- exchange books

P.E.- Run