Wednesday May 23, 2018

Math- Measurement Book #2 quiz #1

Science- Gas giants questions/ chart/ compare and contrast 2 gas giants p. 72-75


Socials- Pushes/ Pulls/ consequences of urbanization p. 134-136 definitions. List the push, pulls, and consequences of urbanizations. Answer questions in boxes p. 135-136

P.E.- track and field

Dance- Mr. Ma



Tuesday May 22, 2018

Math- Mark p. 282-286 Do p. 287-288 review perimeter and area

L.A.- Grade wide write

French- Spring- Make your own crossword with words

L.A.- Grade wide write finish

Art- Abstract art

T. Choice- Catch up

Thursday May 17

Math- Mark p. 280, 281 do p.284, 285, 286

Plan- Clean up and catch up

French- Multiple choice assignment


L.A.- read next section of novel study questions and vocabulary

Entrepreneurship- Finish posters

Wednesday May 16, 2018

Math- mark p. 266-271 Do p. 282-283 perimeter

Science- Terrestrial planets video. Answer questions/ fill in chart p. 68-71

Language Arts- SRA

Socials- How did migration affect first nations peoples in B.C.? p. 132-133 LM 5-6 and check your learning p. 133

P.E.- Long Jump, baseball throw

Dance- Mr. Ma

Monday May 14, 2018

Math- Do. p. 269-271

Science- Our solar system p. 64-67 definitions/ questions try this

Language arts- Finish story/ catch up

Socials- Examining the economic consequences of migration p. 131 questions sheet

P.E.- 800 m run

Dance- Mr. Ma

Thursday May 10, 2018

Math- N.S. book 2 test part 2

Mothers day project

French- Types of travel and places to go

Language arts- Read section 10 of your novel study definitions/questions

Buddy Reading

Entrepreneurship- p 20-23 in your booklet. Advertisement/brochure

Tuesday May 8, 2018

Math- Mark p. 252-253, p.255-257 Do p. 259, 264, 265 word problems

Language Arts- Read part 9 of your novel study

Work experience- Help out with the community garden

Catch up

Launch bottle rockets

Art- Mothers day project