Monday September 16, 2019

Math- mark p. 16-18 Quiz #1 p. 1-17

Socials- Canadian poster

Language Arts- Read Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh do questions/vocabulary

Science- Science experiment p. 65 finish p. 62-65 questions/definitions/ chart

Drama- Mr. Ma

P.E.- Soccer drills and game


Friday September 13, 2019

Math- Mark p. 13-15, Do 16, 17, 18 Adding and subtracting 3 fractions with different denominators

Socials- Canadian Poster project

Language Arts- Ideas week 1 Day 1,2

Science- Mixtures p. 62-65 chart, definitions, and questions

P.E.- Run depending on weather

Careers- Locker/ Desk/ assignment check

Monday September 9, 2019

Math- Do p. 1-5 of your fractions booklet

Science- Mixtures title page due Wednesday

Language Arts- Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh title page and predict to what the story is about Due Wednesday

Socials- Canadian Map: provinces, territories, capitols, rivers, oceans, and bay’s

Drama- Mr. Ma

P.E.- Soccer